The Story Of The Cladagh Ring

Few jewels in history have had a history and story that is as meaningful and touching as the four century old cladagh ring. Most of the well known gems and jewels that we admire in history came to be possessed when, one country ruled over another or through some other means of power play. The cladagh ring story is simple, it tells us how a humble fisherman turned slave sincerely translated his feelings for his beloved by translating them into the features of a ring. The story is set in a small fishing village named Cladagh in Ireland where, the fisherman and his beloved led a simple and uncomplicated life. 

The young man named Robert Joyce would often join his friends and go sailing on the high seas, the fish that the team caught would be shared among all members of the boat. One unfortunate day,  the boat in which Robert and his friends were sailing was run over by pirates who looted whatever they could find. Realizing that nothing much of value lay in the boat, the pirates captured all the fishermen and sold them as slaves. Robert was sold to a wealthy goldsmith and forced to learn the trade from his master. Slavery was rampant in those times and the young fishermen were aware of the physical and mental strain that they would experience. 

As days went by Robert started thinking of his beloved who was left behind in the village of Cladagh. The stress of slavery and it's oppressive style was something that he was prepared to put up with but, it was the thought of being separated from his beloved that started taking it's toll on the young man's mental condition. For a while, he could contain his sadness by dreaming that he would one day be free and go back to meet her. Years went by and he realized that his dream had no logical explanation, everything seemed dim and uncertain. As his concentration and morale started to waiver, he was worried that it would affect his work. 

It was with that sad and demotivated mindset that Robert Joyce decided to make something for his beloved, using his newly learnt skills he began to make a ring for her. Subconsciously he ended up pouring his true feelings for his beloved into the jewel, the world outside came to know of that a few years late. By telling himself that he would one day give that special ring to her, the young man managed to pull some inner peace and strength. Some years later Robert was a free man as he was released from the shackles of slavery. It was no surprise that he rushed back to his village carefully carrying the ring that he had made. Filled with absolutely joy on finding that his beloved was still waiting for him, he gave her the ring. The young lady was equally happy to meet him, the couple were soon married and spent the rest of their life in the same Cladagh village. 

The ring came to be named as the Cladagh Ring, people started to learn of the ring and the story behind the Cladagh ring. Today it is no surprise that the world respectfully refers to the ring as the most meaningful jewel of all time. People across the world were intrigued by the interesting features of the jewel, the true interpretation of which were understood after they heard about the cladagh ring story. Remember that the young man sought to convey his true feelings for his beloved through this jewel, the features carried these beautifully to her. The Claddagh365 team that researched the jewel for several months, files a lucid report on the Cladagh Meaning, it explains in detail the interpretation of the features of the jewel.

Here is a brief explanation of what the features in the cladagh ring really meant. As you can see from the image of the ring on this web page, the ring depicts a heart being held by two hands and a crown is positioned on top of the heart. In essence it is these features that carry a significant part of the cladagh story. The heart in the center of the ring symbolized the love that Robert Joyce had for his beloved. The hands signified that they would always be together whether the going was good or tough. And the crown denoted their loyalty to each other. You could say that the cladagh ring was also a 'love, friendship and loyalty' ring. Claddagh365 is widely considered to be the best source for the highly meaningful cladagh ring. You can order a gold or 925 silver cladagh ring with the gemstone of your choice. The Amethyst Claddagh Ring is just one of the many options that you have. This ring captures the entire meaning and significance of the first cladagh ring made by Robert Joyce around four centuries ago. Since the 'love' depicted in this historic ring is not limited to matrimonial relationships alone, you could wear a gold or 925 silver cladagh ring for almost every occasion. But the fact remains that a Cladagh Engagement Ring undoubtedly enhances the interpretation of an engagement jewel. As couples begin to look for a unique identity for their engagement ring, the cladagh design concept holds great promise. 

The significance of the cladagh ring is relevant for everyone and at all times. We have observed that anyone who hears this touching cladagh story desires to wear the ring. There are many sources for the jewel and we do not happen to be the sole provider for cladagh rings. But not many jewelers care to share the deeper meaning and thoughts related to the jewel. So do share this story with your friends and colleagues, they will be grateful that you cared to let them know. They can then buy the ring from wherever they wish - our objective is to spread the word and the story behind the jewel.