Customizing Pair Of Diamond Rings

Couples have chosen a pair of wedding or engagement rings for a very long time, the trend seems to have got a big boost in recent years. So what exactly do you mean by a 'pair of rings'. Basically the idea is for the man and woman (couple) to wear rings with a similar design concept. The ring sizes, dimensions, metal weight and even the gems or diamonds will almost always differ - it is the design similarity that connects the two rings. A pair of diamond rings might be worn for an engagement or wedding, more often it is the wedding. Let's talk about customizing diamond bands to make them suitable as a pair. We use two very popular diamond bands from Claddagh365 as examples.. 

diamond band rings custom
custom diamond band

CR101 Configuration Shown

  • 2.5mm or 3mm round diamonds. 
  • 2 diamonds set vertically. 
  • Band width 6mm to 7mm.
  • Uniform or tapered band width. 
  • Metal weight 12 to 15 grams. 

CR101 Configuring Men's Ring

  • 3mm or 4mm diamonds. 
  • Increase to 3 diamonds. 
  • Band width 7mm to 9mm.
  • Uniform or tapered band width.
  • Metal weight 20 to 25 grams. 
made to order diamond ring
diamond band made to order

CR102 Shown Configuration

  • 4mm or 5mm round diamond
  • 5mm to 6mm gemstone
  • Band width 6mm to 7mm
  • Uniform band width
  • Weight 12 to 15 grams

CR102 Configuring Men's Ring

  • 5mm to 6mm diamond
  • 5mm to 7mm gemstone
  • Band width 7mm to 8mm
  • Uniform band width
  • Weight 20 to 25 grams 

Interesting Notes: Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to have a pair of rings with different gems or diamonds in each. As an example the CR102 diamond band could be made with sapphires or rubies. It is also fine if the woman's band has a 4mm round diamond and the men's band is encrusted with a 7mm ruby gem. For some reason, men have always been fond of yellow gold and women, seem to prefer white gold. Your pair of diamond rings can have different gold colors, you could in fact go for one gold and one silver ring. Band rings are generally perfect for a pair of rings. Both men and women can wear band rings, the simple design helps make them comfortable to wear. Band rings are stylish without being loud and flashy, this means that they will never appear out-of-place in both formal and informal events. 

The Custom Ring Option: Wedding and engagement rings are very special. Most couples have a fairly good idea of what they expect to have in their rings. Since the requirement of these rings is generally known well in advance, custom rings are the best choice. While retaining the same design concept, a pair of band rings could have different gemstones and diamonds, different gold color and even different metals. Custom rings, can include every detail that you hope to see in your rings. You can also insist on features to raise the durability and wearing comfort of the pair of rings. While Claddagh365 will gladly custom make a pair of band rings for you, there are a few more sources that you can review and evaluate. You might be interested to know that, Claddagh365 places absolutely no limitation on the design and gemstones for your band ring pair.