Moonstone Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh365 moonstone claddagh ring beautifully showcases the mystic beauty of the moonstone. The gemstone gets its name from the elegant glow that the gemstone shows. In ancient times it was believed that this gem captures the frozen light rays of the moon. The internal structure of the moonstone is responsible for the lovely shimmer effect. Hold a piece of cut and polished moonstone and look at it from different angles, the shimmer seems to float in the stone and change positions. There is a traditional belief that a moonstone is capable of reflecting the different phases of the moon. 

The claddagh ring originated more than four centuries ago, the jewel has a touching story to tell. Reading the report on the Meaning Of The Claddagh, will allow you to understand why this jewel is regarded as the most meaningful jewel in history. The first ring was made by a humble fisherman turned slave, the features hold the meaning of the jewel. The crown signifies loyalty, the heart symbolizes love and the hands are held out in friendship and togetherness. 

Gems that display optical phenomena are not many, moonstone happens to be one of them. When you wear a claddagh moonstone ring, you show your refined taste for unique and rare gemstones. Moonstones can be found in a few colors but, white as shown in the image above, shows the best shimmer effect. A moonstone that is too dense or way too transparent, will not reveal the right degree of sheen. 

It takes a highly skilled gem cutter to deliver the perfect moonstone gem. If you take a look at the stone when it is mined, you will get absolutely no indication of how gorgeous the cut and polished gem would be. For the perfect luster to be on display, the cutter must orient the stone in the right direction before making the first cut. The thickness of the final gem needs to be judged accurately, a moonstone that is too thick or too thin will compromise on the beauty of the gemstone. 

If you are interested in knowing more about this ring, check out more details, options and prices in the CR-002 Moonstone Claddagh Report. Your moonstone ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver, rest assured that the same quality standards are maintained for both metals. You can also pick the gemstone of your choice when ordering the ring. Check out the details on  the website or write to the support team at for any information that you might need.