Slim rings have a sophisticated appeal, they never seem to go out of fashion. To appreciate the beauty and convenience of wearing a slim ring, you really need not be a hardcore fan of these jewels. You might love the larger and bigger bling for everyday wear but, there will be times when it is more appropriate to wear something discreet and subtle. If you are accustomed to wearing jewelry everyday and for most part of the day, you might feel a bit awkward to leave home without wearing a single jewel. It is at such times that moderately sized jewels help you. 

Slim rings will essentially have a sleek design concept, jewelers love to create them as light weight jewels. The lower metal weight of a gold or 925 silver slim ring, allows the jewel to wear an attractive price tag. The trend towards light weight jewels picked up momentum, as the prices of precious metals moved up. Difficult economic times across the globe also, encouraged people to lower their purchase budgets. 

While it is true that sleek rings with lower gold or silver weight will be cheaper, durability can be significantly compromised. Lighter rings will have low metal thickness, this makes it easier for them to go out of shape or dent. Another popular way to reduce the weight of a ring is to scoop out metal from inside the band. The ring appears fine form the outside but, a look inside the band will show the extent to which the metal has been scooped out. 

Durability: Let us explain this concept with the help of the RG233GT tourmaline ring shown on this page. This a sturdy ring, no metal has been scooped out of the band. Another important feature of this jewel is that, the metal sections are solid and not hollow. Mounting the square green tourmaline gem in the center, could have been more easily done by using prongs. This would also reduce the required metal weight. The problem with using prongs is that, they tend to stick and snack in fabric and clothes.The will ultimately lead to an opening up of the prongs and this, will loosen the gemstone. Kaisilver experts selected the bezel setting for the gem, this method borders the entire rim with metal. Bezel setting provides a protective and secure way to mount a gemstone. With all these features implemented to ensure that the ring is long lasting, you cannot expect a cheap price tag. We strongly suggest that you carefully evaluate every jewel before, including it in your collection. There really is nothing like a good cheap jewel, cheap in terms of gems and jewelry implies low quality. We invite you to review the RG233 Tourmaline Ring Report and get a better understanding of how a quality slim ring, should be designed and crafted.