Jewelry And The Benefits Of Gems


While many people choose gems based on color and preference for specific gemstones, there is a select group of buyers who believe in the special properties of gems. We are not referring to the physical properties of the stone like hardness, color etc but the metaphysical properties. Beliefs, traditions and similar attributes would all fall in the realm of metaphysical properties of a gem. A few examples would make this explanation a bit clearer. It has for long been believed that carnelian the orange to red variety of chalcedony, has a property that makes it capable of driving away stage fright. If you have heard the name 'speakers stone' or 'actors stone' being used to refer to carnelian, it is for this very reason. Bloodstone a dark green variety of jasper with red dots, is believed to improve blood circulation and cure blood related ailments. The fact that some gems and crystals have been known for thousands of years explains why, folklore and beliefs for various gems are many and varied. 

The general idea is that, the benefits of a gemstone are best experienced if the stone is close to the body. In the early days, pieces of rough gems and crystals were tied into amulets and these, were tied to the arm. As the process of cutting gems emerged, man shaped beads and strung them like a necklace. Cut and polished beads looked good and the thought of wearing them for their beauty and color soon emerged. You then had the art of cutting and faceting gems develop into a fine art - gems were faceted, cut and polished and even carved. Then came the knowledge to work with metals and shape various objects from them. What followed is something that can well be imagined, precious metals crafted to hold gemstones - adornments to be worn and shown. But not everyone is wearing jewels just for their beauty, many buyers seek jewelry with specific gems for a specific purpose. The same buyer might have a fine collection of jewelry that are set with different types of gems. 

In this report we will discuss three gems and briefly explain, the special benefits that are attributed to them. Before we begin here is an important statement that we wish to make. We can craft all types of custom jewelry with your designs or ours and with your choice, of gemstones. However we do not make any special claims about the metaphysical properties of our gems. All explanations regarding the properties and benefits of various gems and crystals, are made just by a way of narrative descriptions. 

Carnelian: This gem is a variety of chalcedony with a color range that covers, pinkish orange, yellowish orange, orange, red and deep red that is quite near to a brown color tone. The gem can sometimes have a color that resembles human flesh, the name carnelian is actually inspired by a Latin word which means flesh. It is probably because of this that carnelian is credited with being able to clear blood disorders. One of the best known metaphysical properties of carnelian is the one that, eliminates stage fright from it's wearer. If you generally get quite confused when confronted with a complicated situation or facing a challenge, carnelian is the gem that will benefit you. Helping calm nerves and tempers, this stone allows you to work with a cool mind and make logical decisions. A stable mind often translates into success, and this is why some people refer to carnelian as the stone of success. Feng Shui and the belief in Chakras also give importance to this gemstone. The Carnelian Properties Report compiled by our team will give you more interesting information related to this gorgeous gem. 

Amethyst: The purple beauty that few of us have not heard of or seen, amethyst is a variety of quartz. One of the best known properties of amethyst is that, the stone can prevent a drinker (of alcohol) from getting intoxicated. It is this very property of amethyst that gives the stone it's name. The Greek word 'amethustos' means 'not drunken'. We are not sure just how reliable amethyst is in terms of preventing intoxication, so make your own judgement. One of the largest following for gemstone metaphysical properties is, the belief in birthstone. Many historians link the origin of birthstones to the 12 stones in the breastplate of Aaron the high priest. The properties of amethyst are supposed to be enhanced when a person, born in the month of February wears the stone. Amethyst finds mention in the bible and in the Middle ages, this was a popular stone with bishops who wore the stone for it's religious properties. Crystal therapy believers today utilize amethyst crystals to transpose body energy to the spiritual level. Feng Shui advises to keep an amethyst crystal in the Southeast direction to help attain balance and spiritual growth. The Amethyst Properties Report, has more on this interesting topic. 

Aquamarine: It's name is composed of two Latin words 'aqua' and 'marina' which mean water and oceans - reference is obviously made to the greenish-blue color of the gemstone. By virtue of it's color, aquamarine was in the early days worn by sailors as they sailed the dangerous seas. The belief was that, aquamarine would make for a safe and peaceful journey. This 'safe journey' property of aquamarine a variety of beryl, was later extended to include all types of travels and not just sailing. If you have ever heard that aquamarine brings benefits to married couples, here is the interesting context. Gem healers have for many decades, emphasized the property of aquamarine that, helps promote loyalty and fidelity between husband and wife. By empowering the wearer to moderate and calm down difficult situations, aquamarine can help to calm down differences and prolonged arguments at home.  Aquamarine stands by you during tough times too, it can help you keep calm and composed during times of loss or grief. The Aquamarine Properties Report, will give you a better understanding of this gem. 

More than a dozen gems and minerals carry fascinating folklore and some of that, remains in the minds of gem lovers until this day. We have not spoken much about the crystal healers who recommend various crystals for reducing or eliminating the negative effects brought about by illness and sickness. For example, nephrite one of the two gems clubbed under the name 'jade', is believed to cure kidney related ailments. Important: It is very necessary to understand that, a medical adviser is the only person who can diagnose and treat your medical condition. You should never resort to any alternate form of treatment or discontinue advised medication abruptly. Always consult your family doctor before making any changes to your recommended treatment. 

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