Jade Ring

Jade is an awesome gem, it is most valued and desirable when it is green. The Chinese must have begun their affair with jade thousands of years ago but today, the gemstone is universally worn by style conscious jewelry buyers. When you wear a jade ring, you exude style and confidence this gemstone is not flashy or loud. Jade rings can be crafted in gold or 925 silver, Kaisilver brings affordability to an otherwise expensive gem. The design for a jade gemstone could be elegantly simple or it could be elaborate and eye catching. Workmanship and gem authenticity should never be compromised. 

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jade ring claddagh

The style experts at Kai Silver brought together two historic elements in the jade claddagh ring. With the gem being known for at least few thousand years, the claddagh ring with its 4 century history makes a tremendous accessory. The ring was first made centuries ago by an Irish fisherman turned slave. The features of the ring were made to showcase his true love for his beloved. The heart symbolizes love, the crown denotes loyalty and the hands are held out in friendship. 

You can choose the gemstone of your choice for the claddagh ring, the jewel is crafted in gold and silver with the same quality standards. Jade has a classic appeal, it holds the color of nature that soothes the mind and calms the nerves. The first claddagh ring had no gemstone, it was all metal. Kaisilver designers decided to include a gem as it helped add beauty and meaning to the jewel. 

So is the claddagh jade ring a formal jewel or could you wear it to work every day. The meaning of this jewel underlines 'love, friendship and loyalty', these are qualities that should be at the heart of every relationship. You could surely wear this jade ring as a casual wear accessory, it would look equally fine when worn to work. Matrimonial relationships are solemn and important, you could mark an engagement or wedding with a claddagh ring. 

Aside from buying this claddagh green jade ring for yourself, you could also pick it as a gift for someone who means a lot to you. The relationship between you and the receiver need always be a related to matrimony. A mother could gift this jade ring to her daughter as a promise ring. The children in a family could get together and purchase a fine Kaisilver claddagh gemstone ring for their mother. Picking a birthstone for the claddagh ring is a great idea, each one of us has a special connection to our birthstone. 

Buying The Ring: This website is focused on providing information and ideas. If you are interested in this jade gemstone ring or any other jewel, please review the Kaisilver Jade Claddagh Ring Report and discuss your requirements with their support team at sales@kaisilver.com As the leading custom jewelry provider from Thailand, Kaisilver can craft any jewel for you in told or 925 sterling silver. 

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