MAN63n Men's Ring Custom Made With Tourmaline

Men have in recent years taken to gemstones in a big way, darker color shades are favorites and the demand for men's 925 silver rings is high. The MAN63n tourmaline gemstone ring for men is designed to suit every taste and style. A simple classic band, an immaculately cut square gemstone of your choice, the finest in craftsmanship that your money can buy. You might have head that tourmaline is found in a range of colors, the Sri Lankans in ancient times, had an interesting explanation for this. They believed that the gem was a gift from heaven and as they made their journey to earth, they captured the colors of the rainbow - amazing folklore. 

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The MAN63n from Kaisilver is custom made in gold or sterling silver, the most important thing is that quality standards related to design, workmanship and gemstones remain the same for both metal options. Each men's ring is fully custom made, this means that all design modification and ring size requests can be accommodated. The ring is shown here as a men's green tourmaline ring with a 7mm to 8mm square gemstone. You could order your ring with any gem of your choice and request for, a change in gem shape or size. 

There is an interesting explanation for the affinity that men have towards sterling silver rings. It is not just that silver costs much less than gold, there is no denying the fact that sterling silver delivers a classy and confident look. A study conducted by the Kaisilver stylists team concluded that, many men did not care much for the flash and expensive appeal that gold provides. Men love to exude confidence and independence, they prefer not to use jewelry to get that appeal. Having said that, wrist watches and cars are something that most males seem to be particular about !

Talking about metals, what are your options for the MAN63n custom men's tourmaline ring, we will talk about that right here. The tourmaline gold ring for men, can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k gold - Kaisilver price tables generally cover 14k and 18k gold but, price quotes for 10k gold rings are available on request. You might have noticed that most men's rings are crafted in white or yellow gold but, there really is a third gold color option - pink or rose gold. All three gold color options are priced the same and are available, in 10k, 14k, 18k gold. The price of the men's tourmaline gold ring, moves down a bit as you shift from 18k to 10k gold. 

An important note on the band width of this men's gold or sterling silver ring. The ring as described on our websites, has a slight taper towards the back (behind the finger). You can request for your green tourmaline gemstone ring, to have a uniform band width all around. It should be noted that requests for a uniform band width or a solid band, with no scooping done inside - could require an additional metal weight. You will be informed about such issues once we have your ring size and metal choice before, the order can be confirmed.

Before we wind up this report, a short note on possible etchings that can be done inside the green tourmaline men's ring. Since this men's ring has a substantial band width, it might be a nice idea to request for an engraving inside the band. Possible suggestions would be a name or main initials, the date when the ring was added to your collection, an important date like a wedding or engagement date, the name of your spouse - etc etc. Etchings add a personal and memorable touch to jewels, at Kaisilver we charge you nothing for doing that. 

How To Buy: Do not be in a hurry to make a purchase, that is just not the way to choose and order high end jewelry. Check out complete details for the men's ring in the MAN63N Kaisilver Ring Report, email our support experts at with any questions or requirements that you might have. The entire ordering, payment and shipping process is mentioned on the main report page. 

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