The Legendary Claddagh Ring 

The first claddagh ring was made more than four centuries ago by a young man named Robert Joyce. We know from the history of the claddagh ring that, the young man was a fisherman who was one day, captured on the high seas and sold as a slave. The features of this historic ring showcase the true feelings that Robert had for his beloved. The claddagh ring is today as regarded as the most meaningful jewels in history. We present a collection of silver and gold claddagh rings for your preview. The first ring was an all metal jewel and did not have any gem. The introduction of gemstones into the claddagh ring concept, helps add charm and meaning to the jewel. 

claddagh ring with turquoise gem

A gorgeous claddagh turquoise gemstone ring, you can choose the gemstone of your choice when ordering your claddagh ring. Both silver and gold claddagh rings, are crafted to the same quality standards, read the full report ... more

silver claddagh ring

Since the meaning of the cladagh ring is expressed through the features of the ring and not the metal or gemstone, a silver or gold claddagh ring would have the same meaning. Preview some fine silver claddagh rings ... more

diamond and tanzanite claddagh ring

Diamonds are expensive stones, the price of a diamond moves us sharply with an increase in stone size. A claddagh ring with a heart shaped diamond in the center would require a big budget. We talk about other diamond options ... more

A jade claddagh ring custom made in gold or sterling silver. The classic look of green jade pairs with the four century old claddagh ring. The ring has a four century old history and symbolizes love, loyalty and togetherness ... more

claddagh ring no gemstone

The meaning of the claddagh ring lies in the heart, crown and hands. The first claddagh ring made centuries ago had no gemstone. You can pick a plain or gem stone claddagh ring in gold or sterling silver, all sizes are available ... more

men's claddagh ring

The men's claddagh ring is probably the only heart design concept that is suitable for men. Claddagh rings for men and women have the same meaning and significance. We discuss plain and gemstone claddagh rings for men ... more

cladagh moonstone ring

The historically significant claddagh ring paired with the romance of moonstone. Skilled gem cutters custom cut each moonstone to perfectly reveal the mystic glow that can be seen on the gem. Get to know this awesome ring ... more

claddagh emerald ring

A natural handpicked heart shaped emerald, set in a finely crafted claddagh ring. Kaisilver claddagh rings are available in gold or sterling silver, with the gemstone of your choice. Emerald is one of the most sought after gems ... more