Men's Rings With Red Garnet

In ancient times it was thought that, all garnets were red and then for a while, all red gems were classified as rubies! The bible spoke about 'carbuncle' this was the name assigned to both, ruby and red garnet. Men have always had an affinity to red garnet at least, ever since they started taking interest in the jewelry that they wore. The gemstone has some very impressive features and interestingly, many of these appeal to men and ladies. So why should you wear a men's garnet ring, what exactly is so special about this red gemstone. In this report we will talk about the features of a men's ring with red garnet that, give an outstanding touch to the jewel. Email our experts if you have any questions related to gems or jewelry at .

red garnet ring for men

A men's ring design concept that will never go out of fashion trend, the men's garnet ring that will never appear boring or outdated. Men's jewelry including rings, pendants or even cufflinks for men - get a dose of sophistication and style when, the gemstone involved is a cushion or rectangular cut. Like all our jewelry, this garnet men's ring can be ordered in gold or silver. This is a sturdy ring with a handsome metal (gold or silver) weight. As always, your choice of gems, all ring sizes available ... more

man garnet ring

An interesting men's garnet gemstone ring with a rugged and confident look. The ring can be crafted with no texture on the surface or we could, incorporate any texture of your choice for the ring. While you could retain the design concept of this men's garnet ring and request for, any gem of your choice - your options for garnet would include red garnet, rhodolite garnet or spessartite garnet. Prices will be quoted based on your specific requirements. Check out the details for this ring ... more

garnet heart ring for men claddagh

This historic claddagh ring was first crafted over 4 centuries ago. Symbolizing love, togetherness and loyalty, the claddagh ring is today acclaimed as one of the most meaningful jewels in history. Most style experts agree that, Kaisilver provides the best rendition of this historic ring. Meticulously handcrafted by Thailand's finest artisans, our claddagh rings are available for men and women, with your choice of gemstones. Details on this men's gem ring can be found here ... more

A big garnet ring for men with a bold design, classic Kaisilver craftsmanship and equal emphasis on, looks and durability. This men's ring can be crafted with the gem of your choice, you could also request for a design change - leaving the surrounding gems or diamonds or choosing a much bigger garnet or other gemstone. Fine craftsmanship in gold or silver, ring sizes. If you are looking for a big ring for a bold man, the MAN27 should interest you. Can also craft a ring based on your design ... more

To begin with, very few men choose jewels and other accessories that are loud and flashy. At the same time, there is an increasing trend towards wearing men's rings that, seem more like an extension of your personality. So basically, the desire is for designs, gems and styles that make a statement without yelling out from the roof. If you happen to be like most men, you will love the calm confidence that dark gems present. Deep red garnet, black spinel, black onyx, dark blue sapphires, smoky quartz and even dark purple amethyst are in demand for men's rings. A gold or silver garnet men's ring will not flash a gem that is distracting and noisy, the red color of this gem polishes your style without trying to overpower your personality. Let the gemstone do the talking but, do not pick a gem that is so large that is prone to getting damaged by physical impact. In the case of a men's garnet gemstone ring, you should be fine with a gem in the 3 to 6 carat range. Not trying to limit your selection as with our direct contacts with global gem miners, we can source garnets as big as 10 to 15 carats. Big garnet rings for men look awesome but, be prepared to take a fair degree of care when wearing them. 

You might find a host of men's garnet rings in jewelry shops but, there are some strong reasons to choose a custom men's ring with red garnet or other gemstone. Most of us do not spend on jewelry very often so when we do buy a men's ring or any other jewel, it makes good sense to go for a jewel that includes all your preferences. The only constraints should be your budget and imagination - rest assured that our expertise will deliver, the dream jewel of your choice. Things get even better when you choose Kaisilver for your men's garnet ring because, we maintain the same high standards for gold and silver custom made jewelry. Serving over 12,000 clients across 15 nations, we provide equal importance to external appearance and long term durability. This is the reason why our gold or silver rings for men, weigh around 40% to 60% more than, what other jewelers provide for similar designs and concepts. While this does add to the price tag, it is also one of the reason why Kaisilver jewelry, rarely needs repairs and remakes.

mens ring with spessartite garnet

Also suitable for a red garnet men's ring, the MAN122 ring from Kaisilver Thailand is shown here with, a rare orange spessartite garnet  gemstone. Like always the design for this men's gem ring can be modified to accommodate a larger gem, you could also opt to leave the diamonds out of the ring. Packed with advanced design features, this custom man ring looks awesome and is also, sturdy and durable. All gemstone options available, we can also work with your own design ideas ... more

men's ring garnet spessartine

Men's heavy ring with a big garnet gemstone, you could pick a rhodolite, red garnet or spessartite garnet gem for the gold or silver ring. And thinking beyond garnet remember that, we can craft jewelry with any ring available on this planet. This design is perfect for a large gemstone ring, the design including the size and shape of the gem can be decided by you. Garnet is durable enough to be set in gold or silver, make a choice based on your preference on your budget ... more


There is a big advantage in going for a custom men's ring as, you can pick the basic design concept and request for modifications to bring the jewel within your requirement. Let us take the MAN121G as an example, you can read more on that link but, here is a quick summary. The ring has a texture on the metal and just for your information, textures are in. You can however order the same gold or 925 silver men's garnet gemstone ring with, a different texture or as a plain high polish ring. Some interesting textures are, the imprint of the bark of a tree, a slight hammered effect, a pebbled effect etc. Remember that the metal choice also allows you to incorporate your preference into the ring - while gold and silver are normal metal options for this men's gemstone ring, you can also request for a special quote if platinum is your choice. The center gem is a round 8mm natural red garnet, we will brag more about the stone in the next paragraph so keep reading. 

Let's get a bit deeper into garnets in general and red garnet in particular after all, the gem is one of the reasons for you to choose a red garnet men's ring. Remember that the earliest thoughts about garnet was that, the stone was always red. Ancient garnet jewelry was often made with small pieces of roughly shaped and round gems, the size of these gems was not very impressive. But when, the small garnets were clubbed together in bunches, they reminded one of the pomegranate fruit. The Latin word 'granum' which meant grainy or seed-like inspired the name garnet. Your garnet men's ring today will have a gem that is cut and shaped by some of the finest gem cutters but, thousands of years ago - lapidary skills were unheard of. Each red garnet that is required for Kaisilver jewelry is procured by our gem experts as a piece of rough, our network of buyers pick the stone few meters away from the mining location. After careful inspection, the piece of rough is brought to our cutting centers and perfectly cut to fit the jewel. The fact that we keep such a tight control on the procurement of garnets might seem unimportant but, there is one critical reason for doing this. This process ensures that, the gemstone that you get in your garnet men's ring is natural and left in it's natural form, without being put through any gem enhancement process. 

A brief note about spessartite or spessartine, the gemstone is in reality a variety of garnet. It is very much rarer than red garnet and the higher price level reflects that beauty and rarity. You could request for men's garnet rings with red garnet, rhodolite garnet or spessartite garnet - we procure all gems directly from the miners so rest assured, that you always get the best value for your money. Spessartite garnet is at least 100 times rarer than red garnet, it has a color that demands attention and will please even the most sophisticated stylist. We craft both gold and 925 silver spessartite men's rings with the same quality standards. You could order any of the men's rings on our websites, with a spessartite gem. The design of your ring or the size and shape of the gemstone can be personalized to your requirements. 

The tradition of birthstones might have been initiated many centuries ago but, the practice is still widely followed. If you were born in the month of January, garnet would be your birthstone. So should you wear only a red garnet men's ring to celebrate a January birth? Going strictly by the birthstone charts, the fact is that other garnet colors were unknown when birthstones were first initiated. The scientific study of gems has today revealed that, yellow, green, yellowish brown and orange are also well represented in the garnet gem family. Our opinion is that, your birthstone should make you feel good and if a garnet does that, you should choose it irrespective of the color of the gem. 


Garnet and especially red garnet is a very popular gemstone, existence of garnets in other colors was known to humans centuries after, red garnet came to be used as a gemstone. As a birthstone ring, a men's garnet ring would symbolize the month of January. Garnet gem rings are popular among men and women, the gem has a truly universal appeal. Kaisilver garnet rings can be ordered with your design or ours, we provide options for all varieties of garnet gemstones. It us true that silver men's garnet rings have grown extremely popular in the last  decade. As mentioned above, garnet men's  rings in gold or silver have the same superior standards. 


Whether it is a men's garnet ring or any other jewelry that you plan to buy, make sure that you do not hurry through the process. If you need your ring or other jewel by a specific time period or date, begin the search process well in advance. When you wait until the last minute, you would have to be satisfied with what is available in that time frame - this would generally involve a bundle of compromises. Send all your requirements, questions, images etc to the Kaisilver team at - you are not obligated to buy from us so, it is a great idea to start out by taking advantage of our expertise. Ask as many questions as you wish and when you have all the answers, let the team help you through the ordering and payment process. We will be perfectly fine if you take our help and advice and end up buying nothing from us. Kaisilver crafts high end custom jewelry, each piece is meticulously crafted in gold or silver with expertly custom cut gemstones. There is no way that, we would try to convert every single query to an order. So take advantage of our expertise and buy, from the jeweler that makes you feel most comfortable. 


Serving over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers located in 15 nations, Kaisilver has dominated the high end custom made jewelry sector for over 2 decades. A team of super skilled and talented jewelry designers, artisans, gem cutters and production experts in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders. The same degree of attention and quality is maintained for both gold and silver jewelry orders. 

By staying in close contact with global gem miners and cutting operations, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. We place absolutely no restriction on your choice of gemstones. You are always assured of the best gemstone at each price point. 

Every design on our websites can be modified to suit your requirements, you can even send us your own design ideas to be custom made. Gold and silver jewelry are crafted to the same superior standards. Email us at if you have any questions or need any more information, we will be glad to help. 



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