Opal Gemstone Rings, Know The Essentials 

Opal gems have a very select and exclusive following, most buyers are not aware of what needs to be evaluated when picking this ring. In this report we talk about opal gemstone rings, rest assured that most of you will learn of things that were never brought to your notice until today. We do not plan to make you an opal expert but, we will surely try to equip you with information that you can use to make the right choice. We have presented a Kaisilver opal ring here, this mainly to explain the topic better. You could buy your ring from any jeweler, so make sure that you do not miss a thing in this report.

opal gemstone ring

Opal Ring Essentials:

Color Play: Most of us are aware that an opal shows those lovely color flashes, this in gemological jargon is known as 'color play'. It is important to understand that there are many types of opals, not all of these are supposed to show the color play effect. It is generally only white and black opals that show a color play effect. This again needs some explanation because Ethiopian opals can have a brownish color and yet, show these colorful flashes. Let us mention a few opal varieties that do not show this optical effect. Pink opal which is mainly mined in Peru and fire opal traditionally mined in Mexico but now also in Brazil, are gorgeous opals but do not show any color play phenomenon. This effect is dynamic and keeps changing as the gem is viewed from different angles. In the next paragraph, we will learn how moisture in the stone is responsible for the beautiful color flashes. 

Moisture In Opals: These gems have a structure that is made up of tightly packed microscopic spheres. Moisture is naturally trapped inside the spheres and this is what, brings about the color play effect. It is important to understand that factors like heat, strong chemicals and even strong detergents can effect the moisture in the stone. When this happens your opal starts looking a lot less pretty than it did to begin with. Jewelers never care to explain this important fact, buyers are often stranded once the stone is affected. 

Opal Origin: You might have heard of the name 'Opal Country' given to Australia. When it comes to white opal and black opal, Australia remains the top preference. Sustained mining has depleted resources but, it is worth paying that much more to insist on an Australian opal. We will talk about black opals in the next paragraph. What you should know is that when it comes to fire opal, Australia is not relevant as a source. Mexican fire opals carry a premium price tag and are highly preferred. You might see Brazilian fire opals, these have entered the market in the last decade. If you are very serious about your fire opal ring, insist on a Mexican gem. A fine pastel pink opal has fired the imagination of talented jewelry designers, this gem comes from Peru. When picking a ring with a pink opal gem, make sure that the gem does not show surface cracks, you also do not want black spots or pits showing up on the top surface of the stone. Pink opals are opaque and obviously do not have the color play effect. In recent years, we have seen numerous piece of 'pink opal' showing a stunning color play effect on a whitish pink or pink background. Most of these are factory made junk, some happen to be white opals that have been dyed pink. 

Black Opal: First the right explanation of what is a black opal. Some opals show the enchanting color play phenomenon on a dark background, these would be called black opals. Keep in mind that the dark background need not always be black, it could be very dark brown, very dark gray but is very rarely absolutely black. The Lightning Ridge locality in Australia, delivers the finest black opal gems. These can at times command a price that comes close to that of diamond. More affordable black opal gems are seen from the Ehtiopian mines but, something needs be told about these. Some Ethiopian opals are made black by treating the stones, these once again would not be expensive. 

Soaking Opals: Many jewelers recommend that opal rings and gemstones be occasionally soaked in water. An interesting thing is that, many gem cutting houses keep Australian opal rough in water. The pieces are then taken out of the water as they are cut and polished. You could soak your opal ring in water every once in a while, just make sure that the gem is not paired with other gems that are not supposed to be soaked. Two gems that come to mind is turquoise and emerald, these two gems should not be left in water for more than a minute. Some experts suggest that wearing an opal ring provides sufficient moisture from the surface of the skin. Now here is a very important piece of information, it applies to Ethiopian opal gemstones. Soak an Ethiopian opal ring in water and after a while, you will see that the gem becomes quite translucent - it appears to lose much of its color play and beauty. The good news is that, the gem will get backs all that it lost once it dries up. Something to note is that, opals that have become wet should be left to dry on their own, do not use heaters or blowers hoping to get the job done faster. 

Caring For Opals: Every jewel that you own will need some amount of care and attention. Never allow any jewel to be struck with physical force or be exposed to heat and chemicals. Opal rings should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Rinsing in a bowl of clean water with a few drops of very mild soaps should be sufficient. A very soft brush could help dislodge dust and grime that remains stuck under the opal gem. Should your opal gemstone ring require more cleaning than this, take the help of a professional  jeweler. 

Design And Configuration: You could pick the opal ring design that you like but, some features are absolutely essential and not optional. In most cases, an opal gem that is cut with a low profile and does not bulge too much beyond the surface of the ring, is less likely to get hit and damaged. Most of us are aware that, an opal ring crafted with skinny gold weight will be cheaper but, this jewel would soon dent and bend out of shape. Bad workmanship will not only give you a substandard opal gemstone ring but is also, the most common cause of lose and badly mounted gemstones. If you wish to wear your opal ring very often and for a long time on each occasion, consider adding a backing to the gemstone. Kaisilver experts recommend a thin slice of black onyx to be used as a backing for the opal. Some gem experts might scorn at this suggestion but, remember that you would end up paying for a broken or damaged stone. 

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