Moonstone Rings, Mystic And Beauty

Moonstone is an intriguing gemstone, it shows a natural phenomenon that is rarely seen in gemstones. While this is one of the reasons for the popularity of moonstone rings, the gem is bestowed with tremendous folklore and ancient customs. It is rightly said that the moonstone never ceases to amaze the observer. Kaisilver crafts high end custom moonstone rings in Thailand. A team of dedicated jewelry artisans and gem artisans, work on each ring. Both gold and silver rings are crafted with the same care and meticulous detail. 

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Glance at a well cut moonstone and you will see the scintillating shimmer, a glowing light floating just below the surface of the gem. We used the term 'well cut moonstone' and this is very important. To generate that amazing floating shimmer, the gem cutter needs to accurately orient the gem before the cutting process.Moonstone requires extreme gem cutting skills, cutting each piece can pose a challenge. Besides correctly orienting the piece of moonstone, the cutter also needs to ensure that the gem is cut with the right depth. It is quite obvious that, any error in these parameters will render the final piece useless. 

A few interesting beliefs and traditions related to moonstone, these are something that add to the excitement and thrill of wearing a moonstone ring. These beliefs have come down from centuries though, some of them are followed even today. A small technical fact about what exactly moonstone is composed of. Moonstone is a feldspar, it is formed by layers of feldspar and these layers have varying refractive indexes. When light enters the gem from the top, it seeps through the multiple layers and reflects (refracts) to varying degrees. This is what causes the soft glow that is seen in moonstone. 

Through the centuries humans explained the gentle glow in moonstone, in their own interesting way. One of the popular folklore was that, the moonstone reflected the lunar phases of the moon. The idea was that, watching a moonstone could tell you the lunar phase of the moon at that point of time! We also hear about beliefs that, moonstone was formed from frozen moonlight. Seeing that the gem was always related in some possible way to the moon, it is no secret why the gem came to get its name. 

The modern jewelry lover seeks to learn all about the gems that he or she wears - gone are the days when jewelry buyers, pick their jewelry based solely on external beauty. This is precisely why we recommend that you learn as much as possible, about the gorgeous gemstone in your moonstone ring. 

Moonstone holds special importance in Indian mythology and traditions. Indians believed that, they could see the future if they placed a moonstone in their mouth on a full moon night. We surely do not recommend that, any of you try placing a moonstone or any other gem or jewel in or near your mouth. Moonstone rings are today popular in India, one reason being that they are believed to bring happiness into a marriage. 

Believing that moonstone was created from moonlight, the Romans related the gemstone to goddess Diana - she was initially worshiped as the goddess of hunting but later, became related to the moon. Historians have records of moonstone being used in Roman jewelry that, dates back to the year 100 C.E.

Linked to the belief that moonstone was connected to the lunar phases of the moon, came the belief that the gem could ensure that a person did not get lost during a journey. It was therefore referred to as the ''traveler's stone", providing protection during a journey. The gentle shimmer on the stone is often taken to symbolize the true and sacrificing love of a mother - this explains the popularity of moonstone mother's rings. 

There are stories galore that are inspired by the mystic beauty of moonstone. Crystal healers and believers associate moonstone with inspiration, awareness and creativity. Yin Yang believe that moonstone is a balancing stone that brings, balance and reconciliation in mind and words. People often wear a moonstone silver or gold ring to ward away fears, build confidence and motivate creativity. 

Quick Notes: When choosing a moonstone ring remember that, a sturdy gem mounting is a must. To get the perfect shimmer appearance on the gem, a moonstone needs to be cut in a domed shape without any facets (cabochon) on the surface. Such gems require the right design features and craftsmanship, for a sturdy and long last setting. Kaisilver moonstone rings are provided with a metal (gold or silver) border for the entire gem, this is the best, safest and most durable type of gem mount. It is technically referred to as a bezel set, a similar type of setting with a back setting can deliver a similar effect. While it is true that moonstone gems require to be optimized for their depth, to bring out the classic glow that they display - a very deep gem could protrude very much above the ring surface. Moonstone rings with highly protruding gems, need to be worn with a fair degree of care and attention. You surely don't want to hit the ring against hard surfaces and objects. Moonstone is adored for the optical illusion displayed on the stone, being a translucent gem, it pairs well with all metal colors. It's affordability makes it perfect for both gold and sterling silver moonstone rings. The best thing about buying a moonstone ring or any other jewel from Kaisilver Thailand is that, the same superior quality standards are maintained for both metals (gold and silver).  

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