Gorgeous Rings, Custom Made In Gold And Silver

Bringing together a classic collection of custom crafted rings from around the web. A dazzling array of gems, designs and styles to suit every jewelry lover. They say that true beauty cuts across geographical barriers, don't forget that quality behaves much the same. A custom ring, pendant, bracelet or a pair of made to order earrings should confirm to high quality standards if, it is to draw interest from discerning jewelry buyers. Jewelnice scouts the online world of fashion and trends, we regularly update this collection and the entire website with jewels that are likely to be of interest to all of you. We also insist that each jewel selected by us, be provided with a complete report on the product website. You can contact the concerned website jewelry provider by, accessing the contact information on every product page. 

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Aquamarine the serene pastel blue beauty, finely crafted rings in all sizes. Choose any jewel from our websites and request for an aquamarine gem or, send us your own design ideas and we will craft the jewel for you ... more

engagement rings with gemstones

With diamonds no longer being a must for engagement rings, colored gemstones are impressing young brides. Ruby, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, tanzanite and tourmaline are the new favorites ...more.

An impressive tourmaline ring for men. If you are interested in getting a green gemstone ring for men, tourmaline makes an awesome choice.The MAN136 men's green tourmaline ring is set with a big 11x9mm tourmaline gem ... more.  

men's gem stone claddagh ring

Choosing a gemstone for a men's claddagh ring is important. Men prefer large gems and this can put many gemstones beyond the scope of a budget. The toughness of the gem will also need to be considered, we discuss this issue ... more

A stunning claddagh ring with a blue sapphire gem in the center. This awesome jewel retains the essential features of the first claddagh ring made four centuries ago. In gold and sterling silver with your choice of gemstones ... more

garnet rings for men

The deep saturated red color of natural red garnets impresses men. Choose a gold or 925 silver men's garnet ring with the design of your choice. We can also craft your garnet ring with a design concept provided by you ... more

slim ring gold or silver

It is sad but true that, slim rings are generally made with low durability. Slim rings look awesome, they are also very versatile and can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. We explain the essentials for durability ... more

jade claddagh ring

A gorgeous ring with green jade, this historic ring has often been referred to as the most meaningful jewel in history. A Kaisilver jade gemstone ring can be crafted with your design or ours, all ring sizes are available ... more

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