Blue Gem Rings For Men

Blue gems are very popular with men, in fact both men and women love to wear blue gemstone rings and jewelry. Blue symbolizes the heavens and oceans, it soothes the mind and fills you with calmness and warmth. There was a time when sapphire was taken to be the only natural blue gemstone. While blue sapphire rings for men hold a consistent demand, there really are a whole galaxy of blue gems for you to choose from. As you begin your search for a blue gemstone for your ring, stop presuming that sapphire is the best or tanzanite is the best etc. Each blue gem has its unique tone and shade of blue, each one of us has a favorite blue. The interesting thing is that, we might prefer to wear a darker shade of blue for formal wear and a more softer or subtle blue stone for casual wear. 

blue topaz claddagh ring
blue sapphire gemstone ring for men

In this report we are going to talk about various gem options for a men's blue stone ring. We will give equal importance to all these blue gemstones, leave you to decide which one you adore. The interesting thing about choosing Kai Silver for your men's gemstone ring is that, you can always choose the gem of your choice. Don't limit yourself to what you see or read on the Kaisilver websites. And in case you are not already aware, we can craft a gold or 925 silver blue stone men's ring for you with, your own design idea. You could pick any design from the websites and request for design modifications and select the gem of your choice. 

tanzanite ring for men
sapphire diamond ring for men

There are few blue gems that can often select themselves, here is what we mean. Most of us love wearing our birthstones, rings are a great way to do that. If you happen to be looking for a men's birthstone ring it could be that, blue is written all over your destiny. Aquamarine the pastel blue gem is the birthstone for the month of March, sapphire the legendary blue beauty is the birthstone for September. And for men born in the month of December, you have not one but three gorgeous blue birthstones to choose from. Men's December birthstone rings could pick from blue zircon, tanzanite and the graceful turquoise. 

blue aquamarine men's ring
tanzanite men's rings

Blue lapis has always been popular with men. The gorgeous blue color of lapis combined, with the interesting specks seen on the stone, have impressed humans for centuries. Kaisilver men's blue lapis rings can be crafted with a design provided by you, or you could pick the design concept from our collection. The brighter blue topaz is popularly referred to as Swiss Blue Topaz. You can order a big men's ring with an eye clean swiss blue topaz in gold or sterling silver. 

mens swiss blue topaz ring
men's lapis ring silver or gold

So which of these blue gems would be suitable for a men's wedding ring. We live at a wonderful time when conventions are being thrown to the wind. If you prefer to have that blue sparkle for a men's wedding ring, you could pick any blue gem of your choice. There should technically be no distinction between a special occasion jewel and a casual wear piece. Just make sure that the blue stone men's ring you pick, has good workmanship and is configured to be durable and long lasting. It is important to pick the right jeweler and make sure that you get a natural gem and not a man made look alike. 

blue sapphire gemstone ring for men

We could not end this report without shedding some light on the choice of metal for a men's blue gem stone ring. While most jewelers give low importance to silver jewelry, Kaisilver has a more forward thinking opinion. The gold and silver blue gemstone men's ring, would have the same quality of workmanship, gemstone and design. A Kaisilver men's gold ring could be ordered in 14k or 18k gold, you can also select white, yellow or rose gold. 

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