Claddagh 925 Silver Rings


Sterling silver has gradually established itself as a prime metal option for fine jewelry, it is today appreciated for it's timeless appeal by stylists across the globe. It is therefore no surprise when fine custom jewelry provider Claddagh365 reports that, claddagh 925 silver rings have shown a big spurt in demand. The problem with getting fine jewelry crafted in sterling silver is that, most jewelers prefer to stay with gold - the lure of high profit margins in gold is hard to resist.  And many sources for silver jewelry mass produce low quality merchandise that is aimed at 'cheap jewelry' searchers. If you are looking for some well designed, crafted and gem studded 925 sterling silver it might be a good idea to discuss your requirements with Claddagh365

Let's get back to the silver claddagh ring, the options, prices and general information that relates to the metal. If you have taken the time to read the Claddagh Ring Story, you will learn that this is a jewel with tremendous meaning. Let's briefly talk about the features of this historic jewel and how they give the ring it's significance and meaning. As you can see from the CR-007 Carnelian Claddagh Ring, the jewel is designed with a crown on the heart and two hands holding the heart. This is no ordinary heart ring, it is a jewel first made about 4 centuries ago by an Irish fisherman who was sold as a slave. The young man tried to gain metal strength by making a ring for his beloved from whom he was separated. And the features of the ring symbolized his true love for her - the heart denoted love, the hands signified togetherness and the crown showed his loyalty for her. The jewel is today regarded as one of the most meaningful jewels in history. So the significance of this jewel lies in it's features and not in the metal or gemstone used to make it. 

When you talk about jewelry with deep meaning and tradition, the price tag on the jewel does not have a bearing on it's significance. What this means is that, a silver claddagh ring or a gold ring would have the same level of meaning. Since the claddagh ring is a historic jewel, it is bound to draw a lot of attention when worn. Claddagh365 provides fine workmanship and handpicked gems for each gold or 925 silver claddagh ring - a jewel that you will be proud to wear and own. Another important aspect of your silver claddagh ring would be the features of the ring, this has been given meticulous attention by our team. The team conducted an intense research into the tradition, history and significance of the claddagh ring. The findings from this research project were used to finalize the specifications of our ring. You can thus rest assured that your sterling claddagh ring will have all the features of the first ring made around 4 centuries ago.

Keeping the above details in mind, we are often asked a question related to this awesome jewel. Buyers wish to know whether men can wear this heart ring and whether, there is a specific version of a claddagh silver ring for men. To begin with, we need to explain that the meaning of the ring and it's significance related to love, loyalty and friendship, is something universal. So the ring itself need not be reserved for a specific gender, age group, nationality or religion. Men can therefore wear this historic ring and be proud that they did so. What the design experts at Claddagh365 have done is to define a larger format claddagh ring with more weight and generally larger gemstone for men. Though these men's rings are available in gold or 925 silver, it is the men's silver claddagh ring that has gained popularity. The MCR-001 Men's Garnet Cladagh Ring is a good example of how, style, comfort and durability can be incorporated into a single jewel. Since most men do not look after their jewels and other accessories very well, we have developed the features of the men's gold or 925 silver claddagh ring to be strong and durable, this begins with a healthy metal weight of at least 15 - 20 grams. And if your ring size is large with a requirement for more metal weight, we will inform you about the same. The Mens Rings Collection, will give you a broader view of how fine men's rings should be designed and crafted. 

We now move on to another important and exciting component of the silver claddagh ring, the gemstone. Let's ease your worries about gem selection right here - there is no limit on the gem that you can select for your silver or gold ring. You need not restrict your choice to what is shown on our website. Thorough expertise in gem procurement and cutting, allows us to procure just about any gem that you need from any part of the world. Now the interesting part, what if you would prefer a claddagh sterling ring without a gemstone, an all metal ring in gold or 925 silver. The first claddagh ring made four centuries ago by Robert Joyce was an all metal ring, fine gem cutting skills had not been developed at that time. And once again we wish to remind you that the prime meaning of the claddagh ring lies in the main features, heart, crown and hands. So a plain claddagh silver ring with no gem will not be any less meaningful than, a ring with a center heart gem. The CR-016 Claddagh Silver Or Gold Ring, is a plain ring with no gemstone. This has always been a very popular item for us. But for a men's silver claddagh ring with no stone, preference seems to be strong in favor of a much larger and impressive concept. You can check one of those right here. Browse the various options for Claddagh Rings With No Stone, and pick one that suits you. Remember that we can accommodate all requests for design changes as, our craftsmen and artisans custom make every single ring.  

Claddagh365: The fine craftsmanship and immaculate design of our claddagh rings, has labelled us as the best source for this 4 century old ring. Our expertise in the famous jewel is supported by findings from an intense research into the history and significance of the ring - the research was conducted by our team of experts. You will be glad to know that our custom high end jewelry services extend to all types of jewelry in gold or sterling silver. The designs can be selected from our website or be provided by you. Get in touch with our experts at with your questions and requirements.