Gold And Silver Aquamarine Rings

A knowledgeable and discerning gem and jewelry lover will understand the true beauty of this pastel blue gemstone. An aquamarine ring needs to be elegantly designed, not too bulky and not too flashy. A sprinkle of of diamonds adds a nice glitter but, make sure that the gem does not drown in the fire and sparkle of the diamonds. Just keep in mind that a fine aquamarine gold or silver ring does not mean that, the jewel needs to be light weight and flimsy. Contrary to its gentle and serene looks, aquamarine is surprisingly tough and resilient. But when you talk about an aquamarine gemstone ring, the durability of the ring will not depend merely on the gemstone. The best choice is to go for a custom aquamarine ring, pick a reputed custom jewelry provider who focuses on quality. 

aquamarine gemstone ring

A 7mm custom cut aquamarine firmly set in a gold or silver ring crafted by expert artisans. Diamonds surround the round aquamarine and line the sides of the ring. Available in all ring sizes. 

gold or silver ring with aquamarine

The sleek design is supported by a good metal weight, this ensures a sturdy jewel that will not bend or deform easily. No scooping is done inside the band, comfortable and long lasting. 

Kaisilver is not the only custom jewelry provider but, we happen to be the leading online custom made jewelry provider. With over 7,000 satisfied buyers across the world, we rely solely on satisfied buyers to stay in business and grow. Let us list a few essential elements of a good aquamarine ring that you should, evaluate before making a purchase. 

Essentials Of A Good Custom Aquamarine Ring:

  • Can be custom made with any design of your choice. 
  • Good metal weight, fine workmanship. 
  • Natural and good quality aquamarine gemstones.
  • Gem authentication certificate available on request. 
  • The same quality standards for gold and silver rings. 
  • Elegant look and long term durability.
  • Aquamarine available in a range of color shades. 
  • Each ring is fully custom made, all ring sizes available. 

More Details: If you wish to get complete details of the RNMN01 gemstone ring, review the Kaisilver RNMN01 Aquamarine Ring Report, the ring can be custom made in gold or 925 silver. You choose the gemstone and design modifications are possible. We can also custom make your aquamarine ring or any other jewel, with a design provided by you. Our experts at will be glad to help you with any information that you might need related to gems and jewelry. You will never be obligated to purchase anything from us so, it is always a good idea to draw on their expertise. 

How To Order: The above paragraph has a link to the complete report on the RNMN01 aquamarine ring. Check out the report and review the detailed options and pricing. Keep in mind that there is no limitation on design, gemstone, metal (gold or silver) and ring size. We can even craft a unique aquamarine ring for you with, your own design concept. Our experts at can clarify any doubts or questions that you might have. 

Who Is Kaisilver: Serving over 12,000 gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations, Kaisilver is the leading online provider for high end custom made jewelry. A team of highly skilled artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver jewelry orders. The same premium quality standards are maintained for both gold and silver jewelry. We craft all types of jewels including rings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings and cufflinks based on your design or ours. Get in touch with us  at for any questions or queries that you might have. 

big aquamarine gemstone ring