The Story Of The Claddagh 

Dating back to over 4 centuries, the claddagh story began in a small Irish village in Ireland - the village was named Claddagh. A young man by the name of Robert Joyce lived in the village with his beloved. A fisherman by profession Robert would go sailing on the high seas with his co-fishermen each morning. It was one eventful day that changed the destiny of the young man and started the claddagh story. 

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On that morning, pirates attacked the fishing boat in which Robert and his friends were sailing. The fishermen were captured and sold as slaves to various businessmen in the community. Robert Joyce was 'sold' to a local goldsmith. Forced to learn the trade from his master, the young man would often think of his beloved. The harsh life of a slave seemed more bearable than, the thought of being separated from his beloved. 

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Historians have keenly studied the history of the claddagh ring. Kaisilver experts spent months reading historic records and talking to professors in Ireland. Besides getting a first hand account of the claddagh story, the learning process also ensured that, Kaisilver claddagh rings retain all the essential features and meaning of the first ring made 4 centuries ago. Let's get back and continue the interesting and touching story. 

As the days went by Robert Joyce found it increasingly difficult to focus on his work. It was then that he decided to make something for his beloved, a treasure that he would gift her when he was a free man once again. The young man started making a ring for her, a jewel that would showcase his true feelings.. 

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A few years later Robert's dream came true, he was freed from slavery. The young man rushed back to his village, carefully securing the ring - he started to search for his beloved. The most touching part of the claddagh ring story happens when,  Robert Joyce finds that the woman in his life was actually waiting for him after all these years. The couple embraced and Robert gave her the ring - villagers had a chance to see the interesting features of the ring. The couple were married shortly after and set up their wonderful family in the village. 

The story of the claddagh ring would never be complete without, understanding the features of the ring. The jewel came to be known as the claddagh ring - quite obviously named after the Irish village in which Robert and his beloved lived. The ring has a heart in the center and a crown on top of the heart. Hands extend on either side of the heart - gently holding the heart. 

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The meaning of the claddagh ring is contained in the features of the ring. The heart quite obviously signifies love, the crown shows loyalty and the hands show friendship and  togetherness. Experts agree that the Kaisilver claddagh ring retains, the meaning and significance of the first ring made centuries ago. 

The tremendous caddagh story tells of hardship, true love, loyalty and sacrifice. It is therefore no surprise that, the claddagh ring is regarded as the most meaningful jewel in history. It is important to understand that, the love symbolized by the historic ring is not limited to matrimony and marriage. It could be love between husband and wife, children and mother or even two close friends. 

Suitability Of The Claddagh Ring:

  • Kaisilver claddagh rings are designed for men and women.
  • Rings with and without gemstones have the same meaning and significance. 
  • The original ring had no gem but, gems can add meaning and beauty to the claddagh ring. 
  • You can pick a ring based on gem type, color or even go for a birthstone. 
  • Order a gorgeous gold or 925 silver claddagh ring for yourself or as a gift. 
  • A claddagh birthstone ring would have the birthstone of the wearer. 
  • The meaning of the ring makes it popular as a wedding or engagement ring. 
  • Also perfect for a pair of wedding rings, a great idea to exchange birthstones. 
  • An awesome mothers day ring, gifted to a wonderful mom by her children.
  • A husband could gift a claddagh ring to his wife, the mother of his kids.
  • You don't need a special occasion to wear or buy a claddagh ring. 

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