Turquoise Claddagh Rings, Awesome In All Metal Colors

Another gorgeous blue gemstone adorns the scintillating Claddagh365, claddagh ring. Few of you would not be able to rightly guess, the gemstone in this ring. The claddagh turquoise ring flaunts one of the most widely recognized gems mainly due to it's iconic color - a color that has become associated with fine accessories that include, clothes, shoes, scarves, hair clips, bags and even dressings like nail polish. Your shoe shop might not readily have a pair of turquoise color shoes to offer you but, he is unlikely not to know exactly what color you refer to. Except for a very tiny volume of turquoise production which can command premium prices, turquoise in general has always been an affordable gemstone. You can order your a gold, platinum or silver turquoise claddagh ring and rest assured that, all these metal options will have the same fine workmanship and carefully handpicked gems. There was a time when gold meant yellow gold, the metal was worn to display wealth and status. You can still go for a yellow gold turquoise heart ring but, you have more gold color options to choose from. As time went by, style conscious jewelry buyers, looked for ways to individualize their jewels, the trend did not always dictate that you mimic what the majority does. Jewelers satisfied the need for a precious white metal by developing and promoting white gold. Pick a yellow or white gold turquoise claddagh ring and the gem, would look equally good. Rose gold has had it's share of in's and out's from the fashion scene but, in recent years it has earned a fairly large and loyal following. The warm contrast of pink (rose) gold against the highly desirable blue of turquoise is tempting, take a refreshing step and consider a rose gold turquoise gemstone ring. 

A healthy share of turquoise claddagh rings that we craft, are requested to be made in 925 sterling silver. At a time when gold pompously climbed up the price ladder leaving many gold jewelry lovers stranded, silver remained a faithful friend. It has today gained respect and recognition not only among bargain hunters but also, among seasoned jewelry enthusiasts. The fashion community has come to recognize the timeless appeal of sterling silver, a metal that looks even better when, applied to stunning antique style jewelry. The claddagh ring is indeed antique, it was first made about four centuries ago and is today regarded as, one of the most meaningful jewels in history. You can review the Claddagh Story, if you are interested to know more about this amazing jewel. Turquoise as we mentioned above, looks awesome in all metal colors so, pick silver if that is what you like. 

While many buyers are happy to stay with white gold or silver to fulfill their desire for a white metal turquoise gemstone ring, others choose the more pricey platinum. This metal is white by nature and unlike white gold, does not need any processing to get that color. However since it is a bit difficult and different to work with, specialized skills are required to craft platinum jewelry. Claddagh365 can surely provide a platinum turquoise claddagh ring if that is what you need, just discuss your requirement with the support experts at sales@claddagh365.com they will get back to you with related details and price quotes. 

Now that you know why metal color is never a problem with your claddagh turquoise ring, read all details about the CR-021 Turquoise Claddagh Ring . You will learn more not only about the metal options but also get more information related to, the significance of this tremendous jewel. Getting to know more about the turquoise gem can be a fascinating experience in itself. The Claddagh365 cladagh rings are widely acclaimed as the world's best rendition of the historic jewel. 

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