Sapphire Gemstone Rings For Men

With tremendous history, beauty and folklore attached to it - sapphire is adored by everyone irrespective of age, gender or nationality. In this section we introduce you to a dazzling range of sapphire rings for men. Handcrafted by Kaisilver with a team the finest jewelry artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, these men's sapphire rings can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. While blue sapphire gemstone rings happen to be the most popular, Kaisilver provides options for white, yellow, pink and blue sapphire gems. Requests for rarer sapphire colors like green and purple can also be accommodated. Our experts at will be glad to provide any information or advice that you might need. You will never be under any obligation to make a purchase from us so, make sure that you take advantage of our expertise. 

sapphire mens ring band

Men's white gold sapphire band, a classy look for formal and informal wear. Handcrafted in Thailand in 14k 18k white, yellow and pink gold - also sterling silver. Custom made men's sapphire ring in all sizes - natural certified gem ... more

sapphire ring gold or silver for men

A handsome men's sapphire diamond ring, a heavy ring with a center gemstone of your choice. Wear it as a September birthstone ring or as a men's sapphire wedding. Sturdy and durable for prolonged and frequent wear ... more

mens blue sapphire ring kaisilver

If you are looking for a men's ring with sapphire gems that has a moderate band width, go for this 3 gemstone ring. The ring has a gorgeous sapphire look with 3 sapphires set closely next to each other. Crafted in gold and silver ... more

blue sapphire ring man

A natural sapphire gemstone certified for authenticity, a team of highly skilled artisans in Thailand and some of the toughest quality standards in the industry. Those are just some of the highlights of this men's ring ... more

custom sapphire gemstone ring for men

A big sapphire ring for men, the side gemstones can be selected based on your preference. Kaisilver men's rings are crafted in Thailand with natural gemstones and a hefty metal weight. Find workmanship for gold and silver rings ... more

silver or gold ring sapphire mens ring

A luxury look for this big men's sapphire ring, also includes a row of rubies and an outer row of white sapphires - all natural gemstones. Kaisilver sapphire rings for men can be crafted with design concepts provided by you in all sizes ... more

sapphire gold ring for men

Blue sapphire gold ring for men, you can order a gold or 925 silver sapphire gemstone ring can be ordered with a yellow, pink, green or blue sapphire. The same ring can be ordered with any gemstone of your size, in all sizes ... more

Sapphire Colors: Most men's sapphire rings are ordered with blue sapphire. This is quite understandable mainly because, it was believed for centuries that sapphire was found in just one color - blue. It was in recent times that, science identified yellow, pink. green, orange and blue sapphires. Men's rings with sapphire gemstone, can be ordered with any of these sapphire colors. If you wish to wear a splash of sapphire color, consider the MAN54 ring shown on this web page. You could pick a blue sapphire for the center and flank it with a triangular yellow sapphire on either side. The RG220N sapphire ring for men can also be ordered with different sapphire colors in the same ring. 

Ring Durability: Finely crafted jewelry cannot be cheap, this is even more true when you talk about sapphire gemstone rings. It is therefore important that, men's sapphire rings to look impressive and be durable. We did mention that, sapphires are tough gemstones but, it takes more than that to design and configure a durable ring with a sapphire gemstone. Each Kaisilver jewel is analyzed for durability, style experts ensure that the piece looks gorgeous and attractive. The metal weight assigned to men's sapphire gemstone rings is at least, 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers would provide for similar rings. The optimized metal (gold or silver) weight ensures that, the ring does not dent or deform easily. The good metal weight also allows the metal to have sufficient thickness. You could specifically request for your men's gemstone ring to have, no metal scooping done inside the band. This can call additional metal weight in cases where, the ring size is significantly large. Our support experts will be in the best position to advice you after, we have your specific requirements and ring size. Notice the way the gemstone is mounted in these sapphire rings. The enter border of the gemstone is covered with metal. Technically known as the bezel setting, it offers the most secure mount for the gem. Besides keeping the sapphire firmly secured, it also protects the gem from side impact. 

How To Buy: Whether it is a men's sapphire ring or any other jewel that you need, do not be in a rush to order.  Each of the items shown on this web page has a link, that takes you to a report with full details. Gem options, pricing and other details are mentioned on the report. You can always contact Kaisilver experts at if you need any information or clarification. You are welcome to send us your own design  ideas to be custom made. If you wish to be contacted on the phone - include complete details of your query, phone number, location and suitable time (to receive the call) in your email. 

Who Is Kaisilver: The leading online source for high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver handcrafts all types of jewelry in Thailand. A team of highly skilled artisans work on  gold and silver jewelry, ensuring that the same superior standards are delivered for both metal options. Over 12,000 quality conscious gem and jewelry lovers from 15 nations, rely on Kaisilver for all their requirements. Contact our experts at if you have any questions. 

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