Gem Selection For Men's Claddagh Rings

The very interesting thing about a claddagh ring for men is that, the jewel is one of the very few heart rings that are worn by men. In our 3 decades of jewelry crafting it is unlikely, that we ever came across any other men's heart ring. The history of the claddagh ring is truly fascinating, it is based on a true story that happened about four centuries ago in a small Irish fishing village. Robert Joyce a fisherman turned slave is credited with making the first cladagh ring, this jewel had no gemstone in the center.

mens claddagh ring
claddagh ring for men plain no gemstone

You could wear a plain claddagh ring with no gemstone or pick a ring with your choice of gem. The meaning of the ring is derived from three essential features namely the heart (love), the crown (loyalty) and the hands (friendship or togetherness). The gemstone in a men's claddagh ring does add to the beauty of the jewel, it can also impart a special meaning to the jewel. For example, it is possible to wear a men's gold or 925 silver claddagh ring with your birthstone. And if you plan to celebrate your wedding with this historic jewel, consider exchanging birthstones with your spouse. 

Men are today becoming more aware of the range of gemstones available to them. They now know that, a blue gem need not necessarily be sapphire and that not all green gemstones are emeralds. Most men prefer large gemstones, this is nice but can often pose a challenge. It is not uncommon for gems to show a steep price rise as the size of the stone increases. Some gems can also call for a bit of caution when being worn or cleaned. 

A Kaisilver claddagh ring for men can be ordered with no limitation on gemstones, keep in mind that gem prices can vary widely based on their type and rarity. Another useful piece of information is that, more than one gemstone type can have the same base color. There is no technical reason why a specific gem should be restricted for use in a gold or silver ring. We provide a few useful tips to help you select the right gem for your men's claddagh gemstone ring. 

Gems By Color

Green Gem Options: Emerald, green tourmaline, green jade (nephrite, jadeite), malachite, chrysoprase and peridot.

Black Gem Options: Onyx, black agate, black spinel, black diamond.

Red Gem Options: Ruby, red garnet, red spinel and orangish-red carnelian. 

Blue Gem Options: Blue sapphire, swiss blue topaz, london blue topaz, sky blue topaz, tanzanite, natural blue zircon,  aquamarine and  purplish blue spinel.

White Gem Options: white zircon (natural), white topaz, white quartz.

Gems By Price

Moderately Priced: Amethyst (purple), citrine (yellow), rhodolite garnet (raspberry red), red garnet (deep red), smoky quartz, peridot (green from Arizona or China), white quartz, white topaz, all shades of blue topaz, carnelian, agate, black onyx, black spinel, nephrite (jade), modest qualities of green jadeite (jade). 

Medium To High Price: Aquamarine (pale to medium blue), green tourmaline, pink tourmaline, rubelite (pinkish red), morganite (pale pink), spessartite garnet (orange to orangish red), spinel (some colors), peridot (green from Burma or Pakistan), yellow sapphire, tanzanite, green sapphire, very dark blue (near black) sapphire, blue zircon (natural) and green jadeite. 

High Price: Medium to good grade blue sapphire, ruby, red spinel, emerald and spessartite, emerald, high grade tanzanite, aquamarine (top color), green tourmaline (top color), pink sapphire, green jadeite. 

Premium Price: Top of the line rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite and jadeite. 

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