Men's Rings, 5 Essential Features

Kaisilver continues to add some awesome jewels to it's men's rings collection. Men looking for style and quality are obviously impressed but, a few others wonder why these jewels cannot be made 'cheaper'. To begin with let's understand that, these rings are not aimed at a mass market - quality and not quantity is our objective. And when it comes to fine jewelry, you get what you pay for, squeezing prices cannot happen without significant quality compromises. Having said that, it is our duty to clearly highlight the main features of our men's rings. This will allow you to make a fair comparison between our jewels and that offered by other jewelry providers. 

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Design: Since we can craft a fine men's ring for you with the design of your choice, you are not limited by 'our' men's ring collection. We welcome design ideas developed or suggested by you and can custom make them in gold or sterling silver. Or you could choose one of our men's rings and transform it into your own idea by, requesting for changes and modifications. When you as a buyer decide to use our services for a men's ring, you obviously wish to have a design that suits your style and personality. As far as you are concerned, that is the most important aspect that influences design selection. Once the design is decided upon, we have our team research the concept not, to tell you what looks good or better for you but to, build in features that enhance the durability of the jewel. The idea is to enhance the wearing comfort and long term endurance of your gold or 925 silver ring. We will discuss these issues further in the paragraph related to durability. 

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Gemstones: Putting our gem procurement and cutting expertise at your service, we allow you complete freedom when choosing the gem for your men's gemstone ring. Your gem selection need not be restricted to what is published on our websites, just let us know what you need and we will accommodate your requirements. Since we are efficiently networked to every gem mining location in the world, we are not saddled with fixed inventories and slow moving merchandise. Each gem that we use is handpicked and inspected in it's rough form, the gem is then cut to precisely fit the finely crafted metal mounts that are, created by our craftsmen and artisans. Since the gem is always in our possession, the possibility of delivering a fake gemstone or one that has been put through unacceptable gemstone enhancement processes without your knowledge, is impossible. If your men's ring is delivered with a gemstone that has any doubts related to authenticity and treatment, it will be our responsibility - we will not transfer that blame to any one else. Since the ring and the stone will be custom crafted to suit your preferences, the shape and size of the stone is never a problem. Besides the dimensions of the gemstone don't forget that, you also have the option of various cuts and facets. For example, you could select a men's ring with a conventionally faceted gemstone but, request that your ring be made with a multi-faceted checkerboard cut stone. You might have noticed that most Garnet Rings are made with faceted garnet gems, you could prefer to go off that beaten track and request for a smooth (cabochon) cut garnet instead. 

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Metal: This is one feature that has gone through tremendous change, there is no 'best' or 'right' metal choice today - the options are wide. However if you are talking about men's rings in the context of fine jewelry, silver, gold and platinum are the primary metals. At Kai Silver we offer all these metal options and ensure that, the workmanship and gems for all three metal options are maintained at the same levels. No matter which metal you choose for your ring make sure that, there is enough metal weight to allow the jewel maintain shape and form in the long term. 

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Craftsmanship: The days when jewelers randomly made clumsy looking rings for men are gone, men demand quality today and are willing to pay for it. Kai Silver offers fine workmanship for all metal options and interestingly, this is not true of most other jewelry providers. What you will need to understand is that, good craftsmanship is required not just for a better external appearance but, can also enhance durability. For example bad craftsmanship can result in loosely mounted gems, this could be dangerous as lost gems can call for expensive repairs. Make sure that your jeweler does not give you men's silver rings with substandard workmanship. Most jewelers give low priority to quality when it comes to sterling silver jewelry. 

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Durability: If you have read the above report, it would be easy to understand that durability is not one single factor. All the above features, would together influence the durability of a men's ring. At Kaisilver we give high importance to durability for men's jewelry mainly because, men are quite careless with the accessories that they wear. A custom ring for men should have features that enhance the durability of the jewel. Mass produced jewelry needs to impress large markets with low prices and this can result in quality being neglected. 

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When choosing a men's gold or silver ring make sure that, the above features are carefully evaluated. You really do not want a ring that you have to babysit every now and then, frequent repairs and replacements can be time consuming and expensive. Discuss specifics like gem durability and cleaning procedures with your jeweler. Understanding the gem and the jewel will ensure that, the jewel stays in shape and serves you well for a very long time. 

How To Buy: To begin with, do not be in a hurry to confirm any Kaisilver order without, discussing your requirements with our team. High end jewelry was never meant to be bought or sold, with an 'express checkout' mindset. Each item on this web page is provided with a link that, takes you to a complete detailed report. You can take our word when we say that,  NO OTHER jewelry provider in the shop or on the web, would care and dare to provide such useful and detailed product information. Having said that, there is really no substitute for human advice and attention. So email your requirements to our experts at Let us know your requirements and come up with suggestions and advice. We will be glad to help even if you end up buying nothing from us. 

We finely handcraft all types of jewelry including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and cuff links in gold or 925 silver. There is no limitation on gemstone or design which means that, your gem selection need not be something that is shown or mentioned on our websites. The design can be picked from our websites or provided by you. The best thing about working with us is that, you get the same premium quality standards for gold and 925 silver jewelry. 

Kaisilver: Best known for the world's best rendition of the ancient cladagh ring, we craft all types of jewelry in gold or 925 silver with fine craftsmanship. There are no limitations on design or gemstone selections and we welcome your own design sketches or images too. Our support team at will be glad to help you with any information and guidance that you might need. 

Begin your search for a quality ring by reviewing our Men's Ring Collection, you will gain a valuable insight into how quality jewelry should be designed and crafted. All these rings can be ordered in gold or 925 silver with the gemstones of your choice. You can also request for a men's ring to be crafted from your own design idea.