Custom Jewelry, Notes And Happenings

The world of gems and jewelry is governed by one paradox, plenty of merchandise on one side and an utter lack of useful and authentic information on the other. Jewelnice takes a step forward and opens up issues and ideas that, few jewelers care to attempt. For example, we tell you of how gorgeous an opal gemstone is but, in the same breath we reveal the type of care that an opal gem or jewel requires. We admire the beauty and historic trail of emerald and at the same, we tell you that all  emeralds are treated and this treatment calls for some caution when the stone is worn, cleaned or even stored. The information is not meant to dampen your interest and enthusiasm but rather, to help you get longer and more satisfaction from owning a jewel. Content is added frequently to the Jewelnice website so make sure that, you keep us on your bookmark list. 

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opal rings properties and care

Did you know that all opals contain a percentage of moisture and that, drying the moisture will lower the beauty of the gem. Also not all opal varieties are supposed to show those enchanting color flashes, our report reveals all ... more

claddagh meaning story

The 400 year old claddagh ring has a story that is touching. While the features of the claddagh ring give the ring its true meaning, they also explain why the historic ring is widely acclaimed as the most meaningful jewel in history ... more

custom blue gemstone rings for men

Men love blue gemstones and the selection of blue gems, ranges from blue topaz to blue sapphire and includes other gorgeous gems like tanzanite and turquoise. The Kaisilver collection of custom blue gem rings for men ... more

men's gold rings

Men's gold rings can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. We present a fine collection of Kaisilver white gold rings for you to review. Custom white gold rings for men with your design or yours - in all ring sizes ... more

ruby rings for men

Feast your senses on a dazzling collection of finely crafted ruby gemstone rings for men. Each ring is designed and crafted to look impressive and deliver durability. A natural certified gemstone and choice of gold or sterling silver. Custom made in all ring sizes ... more

moonstone rings

An awesome collection of handcrafted moonstone rings in gold and sterling silver. Kaisilver from Thailand, can craft your rings with the gemstone of your choice. The same superior standards provided for gold and silver ... more

wholesale jewelry Thailand kaisilver

 Kaisilver can craft a single piece or a whole batch of jewels. Being based in Thailand we are geared to accept orders in gold and sterling silver, your designs or ours and with no limitation on gem selection... more

story cladagh ring

The cladagh story is truly fascinating and touching. It narrates how low can true and strong irrespective of lovers being poor, rich, humble or powerful. Suitable for all occasions, the cladagh ring can be ordered in silver or gold. Expertly crafted in Thailand - in all sizes ... more.

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