Irish Claddagh Ring - Ireland Heritage

Ireland is known for it's spectacular natural beauty, green landscape and patches of tempting blue waters. Each year tens of thousands of tourists travel and tour this amazing nation. It would surely have drawn many more tourists had it not been for it's 'upper price range' European tourist destination label. The castles of Ireland are a chapter in itself, they today present themselves as pages pulled out of a fairy tale book. Some of the Irish castles have been transformed into universities and others have become luxury hotels. The Irish government has made concerted efforts to draw international tourists while at the same time, preserving the nation's natural beauty and landscape. While much of this natural beauty and the presence of some stunning vintage style castles, can be described as Irish national heritage, there is one small jewel that would easily count as a spectacular heritage of Ireland. Unlike most famous antique jewels across the world that were grabbed by kings or procured from oppressed colonies, this jewel had a very humble origin - about four centuries ago. The jewel we refer to is the historic claddagh ring, first crafted by an Irish fisherman turned slave. 

The claddagh ring by virtue of it's touching story and tremendous significance has acted as a quiet ambassador for Ireland. Claddagh365 the fine online custom jewelry provider from Thailand, is considered to be the most preferred source for the Irish claddagh ring. And if you are surprised that a jeweler in Thailand crafts fine claddagh rings that originated in Ireland centuries ago, here are two interesting facts that will put your mind at ease.

The most important thing is that, Claddagh365 is well informed and educated about the design features, meaning and significance of the Irish ring. A team was set up by this provider to conduct a thorough study into the origin and tradition of the claddagh ring made in Ireland. After analyzing input from the study that stretched to several months, experts put together the final specifications for the jewel. The entire team consisting of talented designers, highly experienced production experts, gemstone specialists and craftsmen and artisans, were made to understand the true meaning of the jewel. The idea was to drive production with passion rather than, work on mere metal and stone knowledge. The result is that Claddagh365 rings are today, proudly worn by thousands of style and quality conscious jewelry enthusiasts on every continent. The second fact is more interesting and quite amusing too. With few fine jewelry providers like us, making sincere efforts to spread the word of the claddagh ring to as many people as possible, the number of ladies and men residing outside Ireland who wear the ring outstrip the number of those wearing the claddagh ring in Ireland! With most high end jewelry sellers in the U.S and Europe getting their jewelry crafted in artisan rich nations like Thailand, it is unlikely that an Ireland claddagh ring (actually crafted in that country) would have the fine craftsmanship experienced in the Claddagh365 ring. The CR-009 London Blue Topaz Claddagh Ring shows, the fine features and high quality craftsmanship of the gold and silver rings that we custom make. The features of the hands, crown and heart present in the first Ireland claddagh ring are clearly present. What her have additionally done is to allow our artisans to display their best skills when crafting each jewel. 

It is important to understand that, the Irish claddagh ring made by Robert Joyce four centuries ago, was made for and gifted to a lady (his beloved). So how and why did we end up conceptualizing and crafting, a men's claddagh ring that is perfectly suited for men. Going by the meaning of this ring denoted by the hands, crown and heart - it become clear that love, friendship and loyalty is expected from both ladies and men. And if you talk about this ring being symbolic of any relationship then, it is these three qualities that need to be clearly exhibited by both parties to the relationship. The importance given to the three prominent features of the claddagh ring makes it, absolutely essential for all rings to retain them. So as you can see from the MCR-003 Mens Claddagh Ring, the hands, crown and heart are retained and left in the same position as for the lady's ring. The dimensions of the jewel have been expanded to satisfy the desire of men for larger and bolder, jewelry. To ensure that the larger ring remains sturdy, a significant metal weight has been invested into every ring. It is not necessary to have a men's cladagh ring with no gem, you can select a gem for your ring - please read through the next paragraph for this. 

If there is one thing that you will find in our rings and not in the first Irish claddagh ring crafted in Ireland, it is the center gemstone. Going back to a time four centuries ago, the art or skills required to cut and shape gems perfectly  had not yet developed. So the first cladagh ring from Ireland, did not have any gemstone at all. After much deliberation on this issue, our experts voted strongly in favor of the center heart gemstone. It is obvious that the center heart has the same significance of love with or without a gemstone. So the overall meaning of the jewel remains unchanged even when a gem is set in the center. And most of you would agree that, the center gem enhances the attractiveness of the jewel. Don't forget that, many people still believe in the special powers of specific gems, the tradition of birthstones is just one instance. So besides adding to the beauty of the cladagh ring, the gemstone can also be selected based on some special liking that you have for it. We do not put any restriction on the gemstone selection, and can procure and custom cut gems that are not shown on our website too. 

We do get quite a few orders for plain cladagh rings each year, the reasons why buyers choose to keep out the gem are varied. And as the Plain Cladagh Ring Collection shows, both ladies and gents do at times request for a claddagh ring with no stone. While the web page of the collection just mentioned will explain in detail, here are some random reasons why buyers wish to wear a claddagh ring with no gemstone. If you wanted to strictly follow the concept of the Ireland claddagh ring made 4 centuries ago, the plain claddagh ring is the right choice to make. You might be aware that each gem has it's set of characteristics that need to be kept in mind when the ring is being worn or cleaned. A claddagh ring with no gem, would in this sense be easier to maintain as there is no gem to fuss and worry about. 

The detailed information provided in this report reveals the importance and significance of this centuries old ring. Though Ireland was the source of the first cladagh ring, the jewel is today crafted, desired, worn and respected across the world. 

Claddagh365: Though we craft all types of jewelry in gold or silver with design and gems of your choice, we are best known for our claddagh rings. It makes us proud to receive regular orders for the cladagh ring from Ireland, the place where the claddagh legend originated four centuries ago. We also happen to be one of the few jewelers to ensure fine craftsmanship and same gem quality for gold and 925 silver jewelry. You can visit the website for more information or email us at with your questions and requirements.