Personalizing A Pair Of Claddagh Wedding Rings


If you are like many of the young couples choosing to tie the knot, you would be choosing your wedding rings together. Basically you wish to provide some input for these important jewels, something that relates to your individuality and style. There are two significant shifts in the mind set of young couples today, they wish to see color in their rings and they know that wedding bands are not the only option. It was due to these reasons that Claddagh365 published the Claddagh Wedding Band Pair report. You can review the report for more details but, we will suffice it to say  here that, the four century old claddagh ring is perfectly suited for a wedding or engagement. It is also accepted as one of the most meaningful jewels of all time. What we are going to talk about here is how to add a personal touch to a pair of claddagh rings. 

The features of the claddagh ring would remain the same for a men's or lady's ring. The meaning of the jewel is held in the crown, heart and hands depicted on the jewel. The ring symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship and this remains the same for both rings. We do get requests for custom rings where, buyers request for the crown to be left out of the design etc. This is surely something that we can do but, remember that the complete meaning of the jewel requires that the crown, heart and hands be present in the ring. So you would ideally want your pair of wedding claddagh rings to retain these features. What can however vary is the overall dimensions of the two rings, you would expect the men's ring to be a bit larger and more imposing. At Claddagh365, the fingers depicted on the lady's ring, are also daintier and more feminine - this does not alter the meaning of the ring though. 

The metal for the claddagh wedding rings can also be customized to suit your preference. Men have always shown a preference for 925 silver and this, is something that you can choose when you order your men's ring. Gold and silver are the main metals requested by buyers. You can also request for a price quote with platinum as the metal of choice. Talking about silver wedding rings, we have seen a big surge in the demand for silver jewelry even for, formal jewels like engagement and wedding rings. Since the meaning and significance of your claddagh wedding ring pair, would be showcased in the features of the rings, a gold or silver ring would be equally good. The good thing about working with Claddagh365 for your rings is that, the gold, silver and platinum jewels have the same quality of craftsmanship and gemstones. If you opt for the gold claddagh wedding rings, you can choose from yellow, white or rose gold in 14k or 18k . 

A stunning claddagh pink tourmaline ring with diamonds. Remember that the gem is your choice and the diamonds in the crown are optional. Your tourmaline claddagh ring can be ordered with pink or green tourmaline, more on this awesome jewel here

Men's claddagh rings with or without a center gemstone. Finely crafted in gold or 925 sillver. Impressive dimensions and significant metal weight to add to the durability of the jewel. Plain silver claddagh rings are very popular with men. Details are right here.  

Colored gemstones are being increasingly seen in wedding and engagement rings, brides want color and diamonds are proving to be 'not so necessary'. Express yourself through the selection of the gems for your claddagh wedding ring pair. Color is an important factor in the selection of gemstones and personal preferences can vary widely. Almost every color in the rainbow is represented by a gem and each of those colors, has a range of hues and shades to choose from. Traditional beliefs and folklore related to gems is often the motivation for selecting a specific gemstone. With no limitation on the gems that you can pick for your claddagh wedding rings, you are unlikely to have your desire unfulfilled. Birthstones have always been a favorite for wedding ring pairs and a more recent trend is the exchange of birthstones in the rings. 

Let's talk about a pair of plain claddagh wedding rings, these jewels are crafted in metal and no gemstone. To begin with, these rings are perfect and lack no meaning or significance that was meant to be present in the claddagh ring. Interestingly the first claddagh ring made about four centuries ago did not have a gem! The Claddagh365 Claddagh Ring No Stone Collection, exhibits some gorgeous rings without a gemstone for ladies and men. Although the plain claddagh ring is more popular with men, there is a gorgeous design for ladies too. You might be pleased to know that a claddagh wedding ring with no gem, will be a lot easier to maintain and clean.

Etching a message or memorable date on the inside of your claddagh wedding rings, is a great way to wear a truly unique jewel. Names and nicknames, wedding dates, initials etc are some interesting ideas - choose something really personal even if it is understood only by the two of you. Make up your mind about what to etch the moment, you are ready to place the order for your claddagh wedding rings pair. This will allow sufficient time to accurately complete the job and also, do another course of polishing for the rings. 

Claddagh365: High quality workmanship, handpicked gems and no restriction on design are offered for all our custom jewelry. The fact that each claddagh ring is given complete attention by very skilled artisans means that, your wedding rings are in the right hands. And the commitment to quality remains the same for gold, silver and platinum metal options. Our team of experts at will be glad to help you with any information or advice that you might need. You can pick the design for your jewelry from our website or, send us images or sketches of your own ideas.