Engrave Your Wedding Ring For Added Significance

Engravings in wedding rings have become very discrete and personal in recent times. The engraved text, numbers or symbols are special to the couple - they may mean nothing to the outside world. Young couples look for privacy  and request for the engraving in their ring to be done inside the band. While wedding rings engraved on the outside have not completely vanished, they are indeed quite rare. We recently had a very snappy engraving request, the bride wanted her man to have the message, 'put me on stupid!', inside his wedding ring . The idea was that the husband would see that message only when, he slid the ring off his finger. It did seem like a very discrete and tacky message to engrave. There are any number of themes that can inspire your imagination, so the possible messages to engrave on your wedding rings is varied and large. When choosing the engraving for your rings, give a thought to the future too, don't just think of the wedding day.  Engrave something cute or something that represents an event in your life. For example, if the guy is crazy about music, he could engrave her wedding ring with  a short message like 'love you more than music'. Years and probably decades after the wedding, you two can share a nice warm smile when you read the message and reflect on the past. 

The length of the text that can be engraved on a wedding ring will depend, on the ring size and also the width of the band. As a general indicator we would say that, a 3mm band width is the minimum that will be required. Text that is very small and squeezed will not be readable to the naked eye. Any ring sizing issues should be handled before the ring is engraved as, the ring size adjustment could rub off  all or some part of the engraving done inside the wedding ring. Look for an engraver who is equipped with a good laser machine, this will allow you to select a range of fonts. A laser engraving on your wedding ring can also accommodate requests for graphic characters and symbols. Jewelry is today designed and crafted to keep metal costs down, this is especially true of gold and platinum jewelry. The scooping of metal from inside the band is done with the objective of saving on metal weight. Your jeweler might have to invest added metal weight in the ring, if the ring is too heavily hollowed from inside. You should inform the jeweler regarding your intention to engrave your wedding rings even if, you do not plan to do that right away. Based on the internal structure of the ring and also the length of the message that needs to be engraved, your jeweler will let you know if that engraving would be possible.

Engraving Suggestions: Below are a few ideas that might interest you. No matter what you decide to engrave in your wedding ring, make sure that it will be suitable for the person who would be wearing the jewel. Something whimsical and naughty might not be very suitable for a serious and reserved lady. Unless the ring is being selected alone by the to-be-groom, it is a good idea to take the opinion of the bride-to-be too. 

Dates are a very popular trend and the reference, to the date engraved on a wedding ring can be decided by the couple. The date that you first met, the date that you proposed to her or even the date when you first met her parents. The date of your wedding is also a good idea especially, if you never want to forget your anniversary each year! 

Names and Nicks: These can once again be as simple as first names or initials or they could be really funny and entertaining. How about her ring being engraved with the name that, you first called her with and vice versa. You might end up with names like 'PikkyPoo' or 'My honeykins' or 'loving nerd' but, so be it. Your assigned nicknames for each other might change over the years, but remembering the first names that the two of you used to call each other - can brighten up your mood and bring a smile on your faces. 

Poetry and Song: You might find that a short clip from one of your favorite poems best describes your feelings, check out whether your wedding ring has enough space for that to fit in. You could also engrave the wedding ring with a short title of the poem. Songs can be motivational especially, when facing a minor crisis or tension in the family. How about a song that caught on both of you when you were dating or one that, you both first danced together to. 

Symbols: A great option to engrave on wedding rings if, the width of the band can accommodate your request. At Claddagh365 we use the latest laser guided instruments for engraving and can handle all types of symbols however, the band width of a ring can sometimes pose obstacles. If either or both of you happens to be a great fan of music, a musical note seems a good theme to etch on your wedding rings. A guy once asked us to craft an engraved wedding ring for his bride-to-be, the content to be engraved was '1 + 1 = 1'. While this does seem like the symbolic, to hearts beating as one theme - there was an even more interesting twist to this one. The lady was a teacher of mathematics in the local school, we do not know whether she thought that equation to be right or wrong. 

Don't let your ideas be limited by what is trendy or popular, just make sure that the engraving done on your rings has a special meaning for both of you. Regulars like 'I love you' and 'love you always' etc seem to be doing quite well too. And if you need to get a few more ideas before being inspired to go for a specific engraving, the Wedding Ring Engraving Report on the Claddagh365 website might be a good place to browse. 

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