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This report on made to order jewelry is compiled by experts at Kaisilver - the leading online custom made jewelry provider from Thailand. With over 12,000 jewelry and gem lovers located in 15 nations, now relying on Kaisilver for all their jewelry requirements, we have built a reputation on hard work and dedication - over the last 2 decades. We humbly accept your comments and criticism, and are committed to keep improving. Contact us at for any questions or requirements related to gems and jewelry. 

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In this  report on made to order jewelry, we will focus specifically on the jewels shown above. Just to remind you that, Kaisilver crafts all types of jewelry in gold or silver, with your design or ours and no limitation on gem selection. We maintain the same high standards for made to order jewelry crafted in gold or 925 silver. 


Easy to understand that birthstone rings include the birthstone of the wearer, but our focus in this report is on family birthstone rings. These are gold or silver gemstone rings that include, birthstones of all family members. Such a ring would ideally be worn by a mother and include, the birthstones of all her children, her husband and herself. A simple mothers ring on the other hand, would include just the birthstone of the mother. Taking a wider look at the concept of family birthstone rings, you could have every family member wear such a ring - and each such ring would include birthstones of all family members. You could consider family birthstone rings to be a special category of mothers rings

Since Kaisilver finely handcrafts all jewelry in gold or silver, you can have your family birthstone ring customized to suit your specific requirements and budget. The significance of such jewels lies in their deeper meaning and not on their price or material value. Saying this because it is perfect to wear birthstone rings in gold or 925 silver. The Kaisilver multi gemstone ring collection, provides more design concept ideas for rings with many gems - such rings are suited for family birthstone rings. 

The family birthstone ring shown on this webpage has a classic organic design concept. Such designs look awesome in gold or sterling silver, something that works to your advantage when you are working with fairly strict budget parameters. The design concept for this multi  gem ring can be modified to include 3 to 5 gems, all the gems need not have the same size and shape - and all gem combinations can be accommodated. 

An superb suggestion for those born in the month of September (Sapphire Birthstone) or October (Tourmaline Birthstone). If you like the concept of this multi gem ring but, require just one birthstone in the jewel, consider going for a combination of sapphire colors (pink, blue, white, green, yellow) in  the same ring. That would make a spectacular September birthstone ring. The month of October has two birthstones to its credit namely opal and tourmaline. So if you happen to be looking for a multi gemstone birthstone for the month of October, going for a tourmaline ring is a nice decision - this gem is sturdy, colorful and sparkling. When it comes to tourmaline gemstone rings, popular gem color options are pink, red (rubelite), green and yellow tourmaline. We can craft this gorgeous multi gemstone ring as an October birthstone ring with pink, yellow, green, blue or red (rubelite) tourmaline gems - you choose the color combination that you prefer. 


Another jewel with a classic antique design and crafted by highly skilled artisans and gem cutters in Thailand. The made to order pendant is shown with a 14x10mm natural jade gemstone but, you can define the gem, shape, size and pendant dimensions when you place the order. We will work out details and custom price quotes, once we have all your requirements. Remember that you get the same superior quality when you order made to order pendants or other jewelry, from  Kaisilver. If you order a gold pendant, specify 10k, 14k or 18k gold and also mention your choice for white, yellow or pink gold. And if you wish to wear your jade pendant with a chain that you already own, mention the width of the chain in your communication - this will allow us to craft a bale (loop) on top that, allows the chain to easily slide into the loop. 

When talking about jade gemstones it is important to be clear about one fact. When you mention the gemstone jade, there are possibilities of it being nephrite or jadeite - both these gems are referred to as jade. Fair to say that only Burma (Myanmar) produces commercial quantities of jadeite and on the other hand, nephrite the other jade option, is mined in many regions on the globe. This information should be kept in mind when, talking about made to order jade pendants or other jade jewelry. Nephrite is priced much lower than jadeite and jadeite is highly sought after as compared to nephrite. Kaisilver jade jewelry is crafted with natural jadeite, pricing is generally mentioned based on medium grade jadeite that is not dyed or treated in any other way. While dyed jadeite might initially appear prettier than, medium grade untreated jadeite - dyed jadeite is not very stable - you can discuss more details on this and other gems and jewelry related issues with our experts at we will be glad to help even if, you plan to purchase nothing from us. 

With a gem procurement unit that is closely networked to all gem mining and cutting operations across the globe, we have access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that your choice of gems is never restricted and that, you always get the best gem at each price point. While we can craft your made to order jade gemstone jewelry, with high quality untreated  jadeite, you should know that such jadeite gems carry a premium price tag. 


Let us summarize some of the important points related to Kaisilver made to order jewelry here. While we spoke about a gorgeous made to order family birthstone ring and a classic jade pendant in this report, we can handcraft  just about any jewel including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles and cufflinks for you. You could pick a jewel from our collection and request for design modifications, gold or silver or gemstones of your choice. We also welcome your own design  concepts or ideas to be custom made - these could be in the form of descriptions or images. Email us at with any questions that you might have. 


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